UNITY BMS - Marketing

Gain deeper customer insights and engage customers across channels

360° Customer View

UNITY BMS builds a 360-degree view of your customers so you have quick access to information about your customer that allows you to know your customers better, understand their preferences and build efficient personalized communications.

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For effective marketing campaigns, build custom target segments based on the data stored across the UNITY BMS suite. You can use filters to create dynamic groups of accounts and contacts or create static groups manually.

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Campaign Management

Create efficient campaigns with UNITY BMS marketing that reach the customers in the best manner. The system allows for the setting up of criteria for target conversion and offers tools to monitor campaign progress in real-time.

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Campaign Analytics

Get complete insight in real time into your marketing campaigns, by campaign type, lead source, target demographics, and sales promotions. Seamlessly track lead-to-revenue to measure ROI of lead generation campaigns.

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Digital Asset Management

Store and manage rich media files across your company so you can easily include them in campaigns. Control versions and distribution of emails, brochures and other marketing materials to your sales and marketing teams

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Other Features

Unity BMS | CRM Sales Pipeline

Unity BMS Sales

UNITY BMS – Sales is a cloud-based CRM that streamlines your business’ sales processes and allows better efficiency and full control over the entire customer journey.

Unity BMS | CRM Task & Projects

Unity BMS Operations

UNITY BMS – Operations runs your business more productively by bringing people, processes, and automation technology together through a unified experience.

Unity BMS | ERP VAT Finance Invoice

Unity BMS Finance

Unity Finance seamlessly integrates with the rest of the suite to streamline sales, operations, order management, inventory, CRM and ecommerce functions.


Unity HCM enables employees by providing them the ability to request time-off, employee directories and gives businesses complete control over their Core HR processes

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