UNITY BMS - Operations

Manage Projects, Resources, Inventory, People and much more in a single application

360° View

UNITY BMS - Operations gives a 360-degree view of your projects, services, inventory and people. From time sheets to allocating items it gives employees the ability to complete tasks and get visibility on the projects and tasks they are working on.

Project Management

UNITY BMS - Operations allows your business to track and manage all types of work, whether its a new job or service request . Projects tasks can automatically be created based on type of sales order and then assigned to the right person or teams.

Cost Tracking

Track costs for both materials and time for each project with quick and easy logging of any charges against the project. See actual vs budgeted costs and manage resource time spent on tasks all within detailed individual dashboards.

Inventory Management

Manage everything including stock, resources, office furniture and allocate against projects or business units. Multiple reports show exactly where each item is allocated along with its full history.

Document Management

A simple, secure, and compliant enterprise document management solution to increase efficiency, minimize risk, and reduce costs. Build, maintain, and manage a complete digital record for all your business.

Other Features

Unity BMS | ERP Marketing

Unity BMS Marketing

Build your prospect and customer database and greatly increase up-sell opportunities with integrated marketing capabilities in UNITY BMS – Marketing.

Unity BMS | CRM Sales Pipeline

Unity BMS Sales

UNITY BMS – Sales is a cloud-based CRM that streamlines your business’ sales processes and allows better efficiency and full control over the entire customer journey.

Unity BMS | ERP VAT Finance Invoice

Unity BMS Finance

Unity Finance seamlessly integrates with the rest of the suite to streamline sales, operations, order management, inventory, CRM and ecommerce functions.


Unity HCM enables employees by providing them the ability to request time-off, employee directories and gives businesses complete control over their Core HR processes

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